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The finest Vermont maple syrup and maple cream available online with free shipping and at our farm in beautiful Greensboro, VT

About Maple Cream

1lb Maple Cream at Sunset
Pure Vermont maple cream is produced by heating maple syrup, typically Vermont Fancy, cooling, then stirring until a creamy, thick consistency is developed, yielding a spread that is excellent in an infinite number of applications. Though sometimes referred to as “maple butter” or “maple spread,” maple cream contains no butter; it is 100% pure maple syrup. The texture and consistency of maple cream is similar to peanut butter, dense, creamy, and spreadable. Traditional uses are on pancakes, doughnuts, english muffins, toast, and biscuits, but maple cream is also excellent on potatoes and even as a frosting or between layers of cakes. Creative uses include as a dip for sliced fruit such as apples, in a banana sandwich, or in combination with cinnamon and other spices.

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